_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At Aerolaser System, we offer the best technological solutions for geospatial data acquisition, digitisation and sustainability. With a wealth of experience in our sector, we have developed our own technology to provide optimal systems, geospatial services and solutions that are highly competitive in the global marketplace.

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High performance proprietary integration for combined LiDAR and photogrammetric flights

Main characteristics:

  • Ability to operate by land, sea and air.

  • Use of a common interface to manage the different sensors.

  • Adjustment of settings in real time.

  • Accurate synchronization of acquired data.

  • Navigation support.

  • Full control of data acquisition from the AeMission app.

  • Configuration adaptable to all aircraft types, project technical requirements and customer needs.

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We have flown over 200,000km of LiDAR and photogrammetric corridors for infrastructure and inspection

We provide consultancy and services to various market sectors. With our sensor systems and qualified human team, we carry out geospatial information acquisition services (terrestrial, aerial and maritime) in any location.

  • LiDAR and photogrammetric flights: zenith, oblique, RGB and NIR.

  • Cartographic production from LiDAR and photogrammetric flights.

  • Inspection of power lines, linear works, roads, oil pipelines...

  • LiDAR filtering, classification and processing.

  • DTM (Digital Terrain Model), DSM (Digital Surface Model): curved, gridded, tin...

  • Very high resolution orthophotos RGB, NIR.

  • Bathymetric surveys with multibeam sounding and laser scanning of the exposed surface.

AeSystem Full

The system has a laser scanner and it can add up to 6 cameras RGB, NIR, oblique or thermal ...

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Responsible for the management of the acquired data, and the control of all the sensors of the system.

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With a fairly simple interface, this software is used to process the data obtained by AeSystem systems family.

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AeSystem 480ii / 580ii

The system is form by a laser scanner and a set of RGB, NIR, oblique or thermal cameras depending ...

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AeSystem VUX

It is a very lightweight and compact laser scanner, designed for LiDAR data acquisition needs by airborne vehicles.

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AeAnomalies Report

It allows to detect and manage dangerous objects for a power line in a point cloud obtained by the ...

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It expands the computer's USB for data transmission when multiple devices are connected.

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Inertial control unit, responsible for georeferencing all data acquired.

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We develop technology solutions to optimise and improve the acquisition and analysis of geospatial data.

Our latest development of great interest to our customers is DALIA, a global solution for digitisation processes. It is an extremely fast platform for inspecting and generating the digital twin of infrastructures.

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